Youth Protection Policy


AfreecaTV Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") protects youth from harmful information and in order to enable youth to grow into healthy personalities, the Company has established and implemented a youth protection policy based on the ‘Act on Communication Networks Utilization and Information Protection etc.’ and ‘the Juvenile Protection Act’.

The company will continue to create a service environment for youth that will protect them from harmful environments.

1. Protection of youth rights
1) The right to be protected from harmful environment
The company takes measures to protect youth from the environment that may harm the health of youth.
2) The right to have personal information protection
The company processes and manages the personal information of the youth according to the company's privacy policy. In order to provide smooth and stable services to young people, we collect personal information legally and fairly to the minimum extent when joining as a member, and do not use it for purpose other than intended. We also take the best possible measures to safely manage the collected personal information. The legal representative of a minor or the user may request access to and correction of his / her personal information.
2. Restricting and managing youth access to harmful information
We extend banned words for illegal or harmful keywords to various services including general search, and services with adult authentication devices are systematically managed by limiting the use.
3. Enforcement of employee training to protect youth from harmful information
The company trains youth protection officers and service personnel on youth protection laws and sanctions standards, how to deal with the discovery of harmful information, and how to report violations.
4. Damage counseling and grievance treatment due to harmful information
The company makes every effort to protect youth from harmful information.
If you have any comments on the harmful information counseling, grievance handling and protection of the youth, please refer to the "AfreecaTV Customer Center" or the "name and contact of the youth protection officer and person in charge" to counsel about damage and grievance processing.
Customer center : 1688-7022, E-mail :
5. Youth protection by raising awareness to all users
The Company notifies that a user may be subject to restrictions on use or civil and criminal liability if he/she conducts unlawful acts through the Terms of Service and etc. In case of any new harmful information, the company disseminates this information quickly through notices or e-mails to protect youth and all users. In addition, we strive to raise awareness of netiquette through various information restoration education and campaigns.
6. Youth protection Manager and staff contact info.
The company has been doing the best for youth to use good information with caution.
Juvenile Youth Protection Manager
Name: Lee Won Jeong (General Manager)
Dept. : User Communication Team
Contact: 1688-7022
E-mail :
Juvenile Youth Protection Officer
Name: Moon Jun Seok (Team Manager)
Dept. : User Communication Team
Contact: 1688-7022
E-mail :