Copyright Infringement Report Center


1. Operation guide

The Copyright Infringement Report Center is a window where copyright owners can ask their online service provider to prevent and stop copyright infringement. In addition, in order to protect the interests of users, defamation and personal information theft report are received and consulted

2. Compliance with related laws

- Company's Terms of Service and compliance
- Complied with the Copyright Act revised on Jun. 29, 2007(Fully revised Dec. 28, 2006, Law No. 8101)
- Compliance with related laws such as the Computer Program Protection Law and enforcement decree of the same law

3. Operational policy

1) Protection request of copyright owner and report of infringement
- Upon receipt of a "request to discontinue copy / transmission of the online service provider" from the copyright claimant, immediately stop replication and transmission
- If a copyrighted post is removed or blocked or inaccessible, the provider will be notified of that fact
- Register to copyright protection database and make available for users to search at any time
- Immediate deletion of matching data through self-monitoring and dismissal of individual users and suspension of service
- Enforce technological safeguards for copyright protection (blacklist technology and search block is possible)
- The Company's person in charge of the copyrights work will be notified to the copyright claimant, and will cooperate in the future
- If the person who is reported is of a legitimate right, replication and transmission will be resumed
- Designate a contact person to handle and receive copyright protection requests
2) Infringe upon Personal information (illegal use), defamation report
- In order to protect the interests of users, after the operator confirms the reported post or content, prohibit access according to the related laws and regulations (deletion of posts)
- Counseled or reported matters shall be dealt with in accordance with the investigation procedure and proceed to smooth resolution of the dispute between the parties, and depending on the extent of the violation subsequent sanctions will be applied
- Designate a window and full operator to handle personal information theft and defamation disputes